Ramadan Clander/ Mortal Kiss 2

Thursday, August 25, 2011 2 Awesome Comments

Ramadan Day 25: A blue lantern. This lantern is nice but the only problem for me would be it already has a glow so you couldn't hang it, only put it on a table of the floor. It is 50 starcoins. I'm not going to buy it! I still need to go to ShopRite to pick up a stardoll card or 2.

Mortal Kiss 2 day 11: A bug.......GROSS!!!Who would want a bug in their room. I mean maybe for flowers... but.....it is free...i would just have to shrink it..SO IT WILL FIT IN MY ROOM!!:P Just kidding I probably won't buy it because it wouldn't go good in my suite :I
Thanks <3

2 Awesome Comments:

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