3rd Week (Alluring Model Comp)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011 4 Awesome Comments
 This week the models had to create a unique outfit using anything they want. Lets see how the judges rated their entries...

Starchild_2 - 7/10 (It’s very cute! I love how she designed the skirt like that, but I feel like it’s not the most unique outfit she could have came up with)
countrygurl102- There's no "wow" factor. The makeup is really nice but the outfit just lacks a lot of uniqueness. The bottom doesn't sit right with me

Starchild_2- 5/10 (this outfit was kind of boring… I feel like this outfit is way to causal)
countrygurl102-Crazykp: I'm the kind of girl who likes boldness and the jacket is so fitting on you. Neon pink is such a daring color and it looks extremely 80's vibe when you pair it with distressed jeans. The only thing I don't like is the red belt. You definitely could have gone without it. You don't want to much colors in your outfit.
Starchild_2- 5/10 ( It’s fun and cute, but it does not stand out as unique)
countrygurl102-The shoes hon, definitely not working. I feel that your outfit has a more formal look and the heels look more suiting for the night club.

Starchild_2-10/10 (very unique, I love how it was created and how different it is. For sure one of the best skirts and it stands out)
countrygurl102-Can I say that this is definitely my favorite? You pull off the gothic look so easily and it really suits you. This is definitely unique. Especially the bottom. It reminds me of a bird's nest.
Starchild_2- 7/10 ( It was fine and nice, but like I said before… It wasn’t something that stood out the most, the items she put together worked well together though, so that was a good element of the outfit)
countrygurl102- I'm sort of confused with this outfit. I feel like there's just way to much going on. Correct me if I'm wrong, but your makeup makes you look like...you're sleeping. Take it down a notch.

Your pic didnt show up so next time please make sure you tinypic works before you turn in your task. Btw you wont be eliminated.

Starchild_2-9/10 ( I like hers a lot as well ! Very nice and different, lovely how she made her skirt as well. The colors work for her a lot !)
countrygurl102- This outfit has a punk glam vibe to it and i really enjoy it. The skirt is so fitting and the shoes are just the finishing touch.

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