Ramadan Day 18/ Mortal Kiss 2 Day 4

Thursday, August 18, 2011 1 Awesome Comments

Ramadan Day 18: Some kind of hanging carpet I guess. It's 4 stardollars. I don't have a room that it could go in so I didn't buy it :/ It is a pink color with beads on it. It looks kind of messy if you were to hang it on the ceiling. When I first saw it, it kinda reminded me of a pink boat without its sides :P

Mortal Kiss 2 Day 4: An acoustic guitar. 80 starcoins so non-superstar can buy it! But I didn't think it was really WORTH buying! I have to top-up on my stardollars soon to pretty up some extra rooms for MSW and to get Stardollars to broadcast for it. I really hate broadcasting. I wish Stardoll would just pick :/ Thanks!

Esme <3

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