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Wednesday, August 24, 2011 1 Awesome Comments

There is A LOT packed in this post.....so be prepared ;D

Ramadan Day 24: It is a window inspired by Jean Nouvel. I have no idea who that is -.-.... but it looks nice!! :D I won't be able to buy it until tomorrow because early today I got $100 (irl) for old DS games ;D!! Go recycling!!! Anyway I have to get my butt of the chair now....to go to Shoprite (sponsor) :I. It is 10 stardollars..A little steep for a window if you ask me :/

Mortal Kiss 2 day 10: A old lady bag with and umbrella inside a.k.a. "liz bag" they need to work on their English a little huh? Well...I won't be buying this either :L Cuz it is 80 starcoins and looks like someone dug it up out of a coffin :I Stupid grave robbers... On the bright side this bag has......FLOWERS :D I <3 flowers!!! My real life room has flowers everywhere....not like...creepy everywhere though....  And now that I notice it....why is the umbrella handle a green and dark green candy cane????

New Doll :D: Bryce Dallas Howard :D Her clothes are okay..their could be a little more 
prints though..kinda blah! You know what I mean jelly bean? Well anyway...I cant copy and paste or drag or take a screen shot so...........you cant have a picture ....but! You can have a link :D Yaayayayayaa! *link* Yay :D Thanks <3


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