Ramadan/ Mortal Kiss 2 update ;D

Sunday, August 28, 2011 2 Awesome Comments

Ramadan: A dress much like the blue one we got earlier on for 7 stardollars. It is inspired by Mohammed Melehi. The colors are nice but I like the blue one better. The price is okay but Iwould have to compare it to the price of the blue one. This calendar is actually making me really super sad :'( It is reminding me that there is only 2 days left of august.... School starts for me after labor day (Sep/6/11).......so sad..............

Mortal Kiss 2: Today they gave us a interior called "Silver Cross". It is like a forest.....I guess. I haven't read the story so it would be super awesome if someone told me the story on it ;) It is a little pricey at 30 stardollars but that is usually the max price for interior. Thanks <3


2 Awesome Comments:

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