Ramadan Calender And Mortal Kiss Update :)

Monday, August 22, 2011 2 Awesome Comments

Ramadan Day 19: I think..it is and abstracts kind of ...sofa? Or maybe table :/ comment it! ( I have no idea how much it costs...so comment it and ill add it in :D)

 Ramadan Day 20: It is some kind of screen of room divider. I like the dark wood and the different white things on it but  I don't really need it in my suite
it is very full :(

Ramadan Day 21: A gold necklace for 40sc/4 sd. The pink is so pretty on it :D comment what you think ;) It is pretty but I only have 12 SD and I'm looking for different things to shop for.

Ramadan Day 22: It is a super cool chair :D It would've been better if the wood was darker but that is just my opinion :) Comment yours ;D!! It is a low price which I <3 <3 <3...But again no room for it in my suite and I don't have enough to buy the extra suite rooms :/

Mortal Kiss Day 5: I don't know what his name is..Because I think Faye is the girl :/ Comment it :) But he is most likely expensive telling by the price of the girl doll :) Please comment the exact price and I will put it in :) But quite honestly... I don't really want it :/

Mortal Kiss Day 6: I think it is a hawk? logo....I'm not sure :/ But...I don't know the price..and it isn't feminine enough for me :I Comment the price please ;D i'll add it in :)

Mortal Kiss Day 7: Kateholdie90 a.k.a. Karin told you about this one ;)

Mortal Kiss Day 8: Liz Wilson...a doll...another friggin' doll!!!! D: Again I DON'T want it :( Super over priced by the way :/ 25 stardollars :I....
Thanks <3

~Esme (besttheyhave135)

2 Awesome Comments:

  • Esme said...

    Yeah me too :/ it isn't worth paying all the money. I think it is more for people who want a mortal kiss room in their suite they are "saving money" by pre dressing them :/

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