Geisha Girl Tutorial!

Friday, August 19, 2011 10 Awesome Comments

Since My Last Post Got No Comments Or Anything, I Decided To Go Against Those Options And Do "Geisha Girl".

Add Lots Of Crazy Eyeshadow, Black And White Eyeliner.
Black Eye Kohl, Red Blusher Red Lipstick And The Most Pale Skin Color, And Darkest Hair. Add Weird And Wacky Stuff To Your Hair! -Baylie xoxo

10 Awesome Comments:

  • Ashley Stardoll said...

    I love the hair, but the make-up is bloody awful.

    Just because you have wacky hair doesn't mean you have to have wacky make-up that looks like the person that applied it is blind.

    Also, it's best to use a better kind of lip, and not the ones you're using now.

  • Ashley Stardoll said...

    Well, you also never said I couldn't give my opinion, so if you didn't want it you should really write, "I DON'T WANT YOUR OPINIONS BECAUSE I'M A BITCH, UNLESS YOU SAY 'It looks awesome!' OR SOMETHING ALONG THOSE LINES DON'T COMMENT", On the bottom of your post, Hun, it would make these things a lot simpler.

  • Anonymous said...

    aren't you kind of asking for comments, since you kinda complained about NOT getting comments on your last post. And what are comments but opinions...I mean everybody can't like everything all the time. Honestly I only leave comments if I like something because I don't like to say "that is awful." I know I'd be upset if someone said that to me. So, I don't say anything but I also don't put stuff on blogs for people to comment on. When you put something that you created out there for all the world to see with no other purpose than getting people to comment on your creativity/genius/whatever you kind of need to accept the results. Not everybody is going to like what you do. Just say thank you and move along. Also, I don't really get how the make-up is geisha-inspired. Isn't the eye make-up a little too much? I'm not attacking you, ok. Just I get the white face and the eyelashes and the red lips but the eye shadow, *to me* seems a bit much.

  • Queenbaylie said...

    And That's The Whole Point "Geisha INSPIRED" Not Geisha. It's Inspired By Geisha, So Please Do Read The Title, And Research What It means Before You Becume An Anonymous Idiot. Thanks For The Lovely Comments.


  • Anonymous said...

    Wow, you're nice. I will not comment to anything you do or say ever again. Thanks and have a nice day.

  • Anonymous said...

    Oh, so you're only supposed to post nice comments, are not allowed to disagree or dislike anything. Ok. No wonder there aren't that many comments on most blogs. Thanks for explaining the rules.

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