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Thursday, August 11, 2011 5 Awesome Comments

As you know I have put 2 question times out! So....I talked to the owner (the2glams) and she said we could have a REAL questionnaire! So I have a few thing to remember
  • The prize is either 50 SD or 500 SC.
  • Do NOT enter the contest if you aren't a stardoll quiz wiz! 
  • There are open ended and multiple choice :D
  • Please don't be mad if you lose :O
  • The decisions on who hoes home each week are made by me and probably the2glams will help
  • Please don't use a search engine! It's just not fair.
  • This competition will be AFTER the alluring models comp!
If you would like to sign up please follow this format:
  1. Username
  2. Why you want to win
  3. three facts you already know about stardoll!
  4. Question strength (multiple choice/ open ended)
This is an example of what you would type:
  1. BestTheyHave135
  2. I love stardoll and I would like to prove that I know the most about it :)
  3. It stinks at listening to your reports, they need more hair style  choices, and they overprice everything :)
  4. Multiple choice 
I hope you all want to enter :) There is no entry fee so ...its free! Remember it's not coming out JUST YET! Be patient ;)

5 Awesome Comments:

  • missAshie1991 said...

    I have so far enjoyed stardoll for 3 fashion filled years and hopefully loads more! I think this is the perfect chance to prove how much info iv absorbed so far!

    you can only earn 12 starpionts a day, you can only earn 40 starcions a day,iff you are royalty member once you lose your ss you lose royalty until you upgrade again which kinda sucks :/

    mulitple choice

  • ChicFashion98 said...


    I want to win because I want to show everyone how much I know about Stardoll! I've only been on for a year and a half, but I know a lot. x3

    You can only earn 40 starcoins a day if you are not Superstar, You can earn Starpoint special hairs if you earn enough Starpoints and being non-SS stinks! :L

    I would prefer multiple choice. :3

  • envyme010 said...


    I want to win because I've been on here for 4 years and I'd love to prove that I know everything there is about SD.

    Three facts about SD:
    1. They have wayy to many limited edition shops that drain your SDs (LE, Antidote, Young Hollywood, etc.)
    2. Sponsored clubs can get you nice free items (like Dove club, Hannah Montana club, Rebecca Bonbon club, Five Star club, etc.)
    3. The price of SS and extra SDs rose over the past year

    I would like both MC and OE

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