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Wednesday, August 31, 2011 0 Awesome Comments

I would love to say  a special thanks to those who joined the club Cheaper due to my most recent post ;D I will vote them each MSW and CG and/or NCG as a special gift :D Again the next people who join the club and comment their username will be voted MSW and CG/NCG thanks <3 Btw. The people who joined already are:
  1. cats_paw
  2. MissSunshine61
  3. aslancat
  4. aslan_cat (yes two different people I am not an idiot.)
  5. pikandchew
Thanks to all of you <3 Now join today and comment your username here! Thanks <3
p.s. Click on their names to see how awesome they are :D
p.p.s. !!!>>>link<<<!!!

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