Mortal Kiss 2/ Ramadan

Thursday, August 25, 2011 3 Awesome Comments

Mortal Kiss 2: A wolf. sorry white wolf :I They are soooo specific -.- Well as everything else on this calender (besides the bug and other free items on it) it is over priced ......even though I added more stardollars to my account I will not be buying it! :L It is 25 stardollars!!!!! We already got our fill of white wolf from pet a porter. Geezus!!! Wellll.... it IS turning the other way :I Something original.

Ramadan Day 26: Your not going to believe it :o!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! friggin pillow XO!!!! I don't need another pillow!!! How much comfort do you think my medoll needs?????!?!?!?! Plus something is over priced!!! 75 starcoins!!! For non-superstar that would take 3 days on full earning (besides third day) to get!! I am so upset :I............Well mind as well do my regulars outro.. Thanks <3


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