Updates! (Ramadan/Mortal Kiss/MSW)

Monday, August 29, 2011 0 Awesome Comments

Ramadan 29: Wall Decals! I think they are birds but I am not sure :/ I don't think I will be buying it because it doesn't fit in any of my rooms and it is kinda pricey :l  As in 7 stardollars to pricey :L Is it worth it???

Mortal Kiss 2: Silver City Sign. The picture is kinda glitchy. But I won't buy it. I mean who needs a silver city sign for no reason!!!? It is 60 starcoins and not worth it unless you are making a Mortal Kiss room. In the pic all you see is the sign post. Not the actually sign :l

MSW: Free MSW stuff! Go to Spotlight=> Miss Stardoll World => Promote Yourself (scroll down) => Under Free Miss Stardoll Gifts Click Deliver to my suite :D. Also on that page you can make one of these (copy and paste)
<iframe src="http://www.stardoll.com/en/campaigns/miss-stardoll-world/generated-banner.php?style=2&amp;bg=3&amp;copy=1&amp;dressup=338517862&amp;id=92267250" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" border="0" width="400" height="250"></iframe>
By the way I tried to click and drag and link it but nothing good happened :l So you have to copy and paste :l sorry...Thanks <3


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