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Monday, August 29, 2011 10 Awesome Comments
The2glams & Junebug246

The2glams: Why should you vote for her? Well she is a valued member of Stardoll. She runs a beautiful blog. She also has a club TheNerds. If you needed something they are the girls to go to. They are very sportive. They have never hacked scammed& Never broke the rules of stardoll. :)

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Junebug246: Why you should vote for me covergirl or MSW? Well I have never really ran for anything. I have been a Stardoll member since 09. Wow isn't that sad. i think this is my year to help others. I Have always been there for others. I have never hacked scammed or broke the rules. So would you vote for me?

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I feel really bad for doing this but!
Please vote :)

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