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There's a new MK story call Fool's Silver. The first chapter is out and it seems way better than Sea of the Stars. There's also a Calendar.
 I'm not very happy today. Audreyxbeth also known as Stardoll's Sweetheart will be leaving. We haven't been friends for a long time but, for the time we have known each other, she has impressed me with how much she will do for her closest friends. This is a true disappointment, we will be losing a loyal member. She has a good reason, she isn't one of those scammers on anything and she isn't leaving because she has done anything horrible. But because Stardoll is truly changing her. She claims it has made her vain. She can't leave a clothing store without buying anything and she is obsessed with her appearance. Honestly, I can relate to all those things. But, I haven't been on Stardoll for an insanely long time and I still want to explore it and reach my goals. After that, I think I'll be leaving too, and I'll spend my time and money wisely. I hope I'll be...brave enough to leave too. I wish could have gotten to know you better. We'll miss you Audrey
xoxo Amy

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