4th week:Alluring Model Comp

Thursday, August 25, 2011 4 Awesome Comments
This week the models had to make a ball gown out of anything they wanted. Not everyone did the task, there were only two people that did it so I'm very disappointed :/ But lets see what the judges had to say of their task.
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countrygurl102: This was a really fierce and I really liked this. It's simple yet tasteful and stunning. It reminds me of a night out on the town at the nightclub or party. Not really fitting the ballroom theme...

Starchild_2: 5/10 Boring, nothing to creative about it. 

countrygurl102: I really adore this outfit. It reminds me of a masquerade ball, especially the mask. The dress is very creative and I love how to bottom puffs out. The bracelets weren't really necessary though as I prefer the gloves without them. Also you might have wanted to wear some shoes since your feet are sticking out.

Starchild_2:8/10 I loved it ! Very dark and mysterious, overall nothing not to bad about it.

Ok there you have it!:) 

So it has come down to two finalists!:D Very exciting :)

The final task will be to put a fun/crazy outfit.

You can use anything you want to create your wonderful outfit.

Cant wait to see your outfits girls :)




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