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Monday, August 15, 2011 0 Awesome Comments
For our actual questionnaire there are 3 people signed up so far :) They are:
  • MissAshie1991
  • ChicFashion98
  • EnvyMe010
There are still 12 spots open so please sign up :D The prize is 50 SD Also Reminders:
  • You must be able to put something in your starbazaar for 50 SD.
  • Must know at least 3 interesting facts about stardoll
  • You MUST FOLLOW this blog and follow the format below:
  1.  Username
  2. Why you would like to win
  3. 3 facts you ALREADY know about stardoll
  4. Question Strength (multiple choice/ open ended) I will use this info so the tests each day will be user friendly :)
Thanks to all those who sign up/have signed up! Remember you must have your sign up done by the last week of Alluring models :) There will be a reminder once a week until there are at least 15 people signed up :D Thanks<3

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