Happy Veterans day :))

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Happy Veteran's day! I would like to honor all of the veterans that served and are serving on this special day. The scars you have tell a story than none other could say themselves. You fought to keep this country in peace, even in the worst of all times. Many have died, but they'll be remembered just like the soldiers today. Thank you for keeping America safe and letting me have freedoms that some countries don't have. It makes me proud to know that I am an american.

     My dad is a veteran, and so is my grandpa and uncle. My dad has scars and wounds that no one can fix, but it makes me happy to know that he's still here today! Who is a veteran in your family? <3 Have a great Sunday, and a great veterans day!!

protected our countryHAPPY
VETERANS DAY. You amazing
people deserve more recognition

                                                       than you're getting.
 -witty profiles (C)


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