How to style man`s items

Friday, November 30, 2012 0 Awesome Comments
So today I want to show you how to style man`s items on stardoll.

Here`s three outfits that are going to show you:
I used the Fudge boys ''Basketball jacket'' (15 stardollars) and the Mr.Garcon ''Laptop case''(note:this bag is really popular and you`d better get it,even dolls like Etana use it for their outfits,and beside,it`s really cheap-only 57 starcoins!).

I chose Fallen angel`s ''Leo vest'''which costs 78 starcoins.I combined it with a plum coloured jeans and a tasseled bag from Pet a Porter.


And lastly,a rather sporty look.I used the ''Green vest'' from Mr.Garcon,which costs 8 stardollars.I combined it with a pair of purple sneakers and a bright clutch.
Hope you try those :)

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