Being Smart With Your Cash

Sunday, November 18, 2012 5 Awesome Comments

Hello dolls, 
it's Ana- or swimmingbabe19- here again. Today I have decided to offer some tips that will help you get more for your tight budget, or simply save yourself the starcoins/stardollars.

For non-superstars, I would say it is just about as hard as superstars. Having friends who have never been superstar, and me myself- having never been superstar- for a few months, I have wisely stashed away some money tips.

I would say the most tricky thing is fighting the urge whenever something cute comes into my path.

After I became Superstar, I was naive, and I put up for sale the items worth keeping- but that is beyond the point- yet I did make a good total net worth value. 
As you can see, it adds up to 5500 SD (rounded)- and although not as much as some designers or elites- it can still be a profitable amount. However, if I am completely honest here, about all of it was spent, because I have yet to learn the smarts behind the temping labels of DKNY, Amy Claire, and ELLE.

The first thing I have to say is, the minute you join save your money.
Stardoll gives a generous amount of starcoins, that if saved wisely, can later be exchanged if you ever become superstar, or can be spent on cute starcoin outfits. 

Also, do the Stardoll offers.
If you need to, make a fake facebook and twitter account. It takes about three minutes, and you can delete them later. But twenty stardollars sound pretty nice, don't they? Might not seem like much, but when you lack any money, you'll learn to value the mere double digits.

Don't spend on clothes that may resemble ones you already have. 
I know one can never have too many little black dresses, but sometimes you can save up by cutting out those clothes that only repeat in your closet.
Let me tell you this, if you can't sell old items that are only taking up space in your storage, and you really want to get rid of them, recycle them. Superstars can earn up to 25 sc and 5 sd. 

Stay safe with your money.
Don't let people pressure you into buying things. I for one know this one really well. People will make you an offer, and then a cheaper better one will come knocking on your virtual door. If you see an item for over 300 SD, truth is, you may find it for less if you scavenge well. 

Keep your fingers crossed.
Enter Stardoll contests. Sometimes you can get freebies to decorate your suite and medoll, and if you win, you can get stardollars to then splurge with. You just need a little creativity or luck, and you may just be a winner.

Last of all, do your play&earn everyday.
With this new system of play and earn, I'd say you can get a lot for your dollar. Trust me, it beats earning five alone everyday, and having to spend four or losing them. So just save up, and then, with what you have left, spend it. 

If you really want to get a head start, you could always purchase a few stardollars (90 alone is fine- trust me) and use them for emergencies and special occasions. 

And stay safe, never give out your password to anyone to avoid being hacked and losing all your money.

Have fun spending dollies.



5 Awesome Comments:

  • Lisa Riding on a Rainbow said...

    I agree at the part stay safe with your money starbazar items you can find things so cheap soemtimes! Like once i found a Dress inspired Victor and Rolf dress ( the cheese dress!! )
    For only 20SS!! Great deal i saw some for 500SS or 300SS it's amazing the BEST deal EVER!! :))

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