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Friday, November 30, 2012 1 Awesome Comments
The winter items have came out in Suite shop, ringing your winter bell. But what are one of the rarest items in starbazaar that is seasonal? Well for one it is the "Heavy snow fall" and the "light snow fall". They both are found as 500 stardollars, but lots of members rather trade for HBS or rares...and maybe a superstar membership. Crazy right? I found the perfect way to get them, 20 stardollars, saving money, no trades.
So you want the snow right? I think we all do ;) So, why not teach you a year's worth of the secret?

  • Go to Suite Shop (It's in your suite)
  • You'll see the newest items, they are not in there.
  • Click on "Decor" 
  • On top you will see the new LE items, above them you will see a purple ribbon with a magnifying glass. Click on the ribbon
  • Now you will see the "search" options. Go over to the brands (some of them listed, DIY, evil panda, ect.) 
  • Go down until you find, Celebrate Europe. Beside that is [4] Seasonal. Click on "Seasonal" (still can't find it? Look for "Super Spreme" and beside that will be Seasonal."
  • Great! Now zoom down until you see 2 WHITE boxes, nothing on or in.  They are under the Ornaments 
  • Click on "Heavy Snow Fall" since the "Light Snow Fall" isn't really working. 
  • There you have it! 20 stardollars each, you saved 480 stardollars!!! 
There you have it! It's a great piece of winter, isn't it what stitches up the entire cloth? No snow, no finished cloth :( 

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I'm glad if you used this^^^ 

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