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Friday, November 16, 2012 4 Awesome Comments
Sorry the weekly contests have not been that weekly recently, i have been really busy but now im back!

The Harrods store in the starplaza has been a big hit! i have recently visited London and looked around in Harrods, its really amazing! The fashion was stunning and i spend hours looking at the clothes, obviously most of it was not affordable to an average teenage girl like me, haha.

So the point of this is that i would like you all to create an outfit using clothes only from the Harrods shops in the starplaza. I would also like you to include the list of items you used if possible.

To enter just comment below with your stardoll username and link to image (imgur, photobucket ect)

The prize will be a choice of yours:
30 stardollers (given through the starplaza) 
your medoll featured as a model in Miss Magaiznes december issue

You have until Sunday November 19th to enter, Good luck to all!

4 Awesome Comments:

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