One Direction album out today!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012 0 Awesome Comments
Hello directioners :)) Today was a lucky day for America and Canada, as the new one direction "take me home" album was released! It was also a very lucky day for America as the Today show had One Direction come and sing for us! They sang "Live while we're young" and "Little things" along with a few other songs. They also told us that THERE will be a One direction movie, IN 3D, coming out in August of 2013!! So excited!
   I was also pretty happy myself as I had gotten the new album from Target, the exclusive version. I listened to it for an hour or 2. I was in love, even though I didn't know half the songs (don't blame me) I still was in love with the lyrics and songs!  In the exclusive Target edition, it included 5 songs (2 which are from the "up all night" album and are live). They were great!! You'll love Magic and Summer love (magic is exclusive only)

Oh and did I mention that they were on the "Today" show? They broke the "today" show's record. How exciting since lots of Americans watch it! Congrats "Today" and One Direction! Rockerfeller Plaza/Center (where the "today" show is) was packed with fans holding signs and wearing 1D shirts.

Liam Payne tweeted about wanting to spend time with fans, but it was too dangerous a scene.
Liam wrote: "If you guys werr calm we would be able to stop but whenever we stop it just gets crazy nd i dont want any1 to get hurt" 

Have a nice night!

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