No weekly contest winner again...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012 4 Awesome Comments
I have to apologise for not having a winner again, but i am honestly really annoyed.

Every week i am prepared to give away gifts, rares or stardollers (that i have paid real money for) as a prize for my weekly contests, and this week i had two comments complaining that the prize was not worth winning. I also gave you all a day and a half extra to enter, but i had a lack of entries.

I was going to give some Young Hollywood boots and 10sd to the winner, which i think is a perfectly good prize for a small scenery contest, i think most readers would agree. I only got two entries and i don't believe this is enough for me to give a prize away.

I will try again this week and hope for more entries... but like i said before, the more popular my contests get the bigger the prize will be. So please enter next week or i may have to stop hosting the contests altogether, and i don't want this to happen.

Thank you and im sorry too those who did enter, spread the word about the upcoming contest and the prizes will improve. x

4 Awesome Comments:

  • Elizabeth Kennedy said...

    Hi. I have a idea that works very well on my blog. Why don't u get a cbox so you can discuss it with people and everyone will see it. I only found out about this blog now so i missed the comp but i will enter the next one. I am fizzielizzie from stardoll

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