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Thursday, November 15, 2012 0 Awesome Comments
It`s fall now,but winter`s coming and we have to be prepared.Even on stardoll.
I ''went shopping'' for new shoes and accessoires in Starplaza.
Here`s what I bought:
The whole purchase costed about 50 stardollars.As you can see,i got 4 pairs of boots,3 pairs of booties,3 pairs of snickers/shoes,4 pairs of heels,2 bags,1 slippers,1 belt ,one hat and one necklace.
I shopped mostly from Bizou,Pet a porter and Rio.
And i made two outfits especially for you.
1.I used a salmon pink bow cardigan from It girls,black peplum shirt from Basics,blue skinny jeans from PPQ and brown wedged booties from Pet a porter .
16 std,47 starcoins.
2.Dark green sweater by Pet a porter,belt by Decades,dark gray jeans by Young Versace,dark green tall riding boots by Pet a porter. 
26 std,99 starcoins

Which do you like better?Will you be doing a fall shopping?comment below,please :)

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