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Saturday, November 17, 2012 6 Awesome Comments

Hello SLN readers,
I am Swimmingbabe19.

I am the newest member of the SLN staff. After leaving my position a few months back, I am ready to resume my spot and bring you nothing but honest gossip (yes, you heard so, it does indeed exist), cold hard facts, and fashion features.

So to start off my employment here on the blog, I thought I should talk about a very important issue, dear to most of us, including my employers: the2glams. 

Cheating to get a spot on the top designers list.

Some of those beloved designers Stardoll promotes on their list, are cheaters. Some have even admitted to it, or those in their oblivion and denial, have left stupid mistaken evidence for us to find out the truth from.

Recently- and no, I will not name any names- a blogger on a renowned blog admitted to earning her trophies and merit by cheating.

How does this dolly cheat, you may ask?

Simply, by selling your designs back and forth to other accounts for 2 SC/SD.

I find this outrageous, but not all that much surprising, seeing as people will do anything to earn a stop at the top. But this did cause controversy for the girl, and her guestbook comments- in between the blind compliments- were accusing her of being a scam, and a total liar.

My only comment to this whole dilemma- where one will do anything to achieve victory is:
The faster you rise, the harder you will fall.


6 Awesome Comments:

  • Miss_sassy_girl on stardoll said...

    To be honest, make the designs a few stardollars more than they are worth so you get profit. Selling them for 2sd and 2sc will make you lose money, so you can't buy anymore designs.
    People really need to realize this now days. I know lots of people who do this (i'm not friends with them) and it's just horrible.

  • qazwsx said...

    Mhm,it`s unfair,but they can do what they want,and we must admit,they must be really clever to think of this.Stardoll`s getting awful those days.

  • Kelly said...

    That is so bad! o; you know, no wonder whenever i go to check the price of some peoples wigs they buy, it is 2sc. I wonder to myself- Is the seller just a really good friend who would offer so sell this for 2sc?

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