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So today i chose to show you how to decorate your rooms on (I`ll put my colour palette and list of materials on the bottom of the post ).
First,you`re gonna need an inspiration.
My ideas come to me naturally.If you find it hard to design and do something original,you can try searching in google.
Mhm,I`ll be creating one modern penthouse.For this purpose I`ll need my alpine chalet on stardoll.
I`ll be using the lower floor.
I put on the lighter wood floor to concentrate on the minimalistic design.
I start with putting light gray panels on the ''walls''. 
The stardesign items cost 9 starcoins (!) and are big,which is also an advantage.
This is how it looks:

Then i put 5 of those in the middle of the wall ,three in mocca(see the color palette in the bottom  of my post)                      on top of the white ones.The floor is still clear.
Then the hard part.
That`s how it should look like:

I put one of those grey wall builders as i call them on the edge of the wall.Then i got one dark gray wall panel:
 And put it under the wall builder so that the panel covers the improvised ''wall'' but only partly.
Now i put another panel(same gray)next to the first one:
So that it creates a kind of rotated rectangle.I promise,this was the thoughest part.
Then i put those window panels under the gray wall(just like on the upper picture).
I want to do something with the left wall.But what?
No problem,I`ll fill in the little details at the final.
I put another dark gray panel under the wall-builder.Like this:

And voila.Just kidding,we`re not even in the middle of the process yet.
So after this you get those simple wooden pieces from the suite shop(listed below,be patient) and you create on the wall geometrical forms like this(the wood must cover the white under the windows and any imperfections.Be creative,think of your own forms):
Beautiful,isn`t it?
Add a little details....

And voila!Now the other part of the room.
I added light wooden panels,but my purpose wasn`t to cover the whole wall,so i moved them adding about 5 mm distance between each one.Then I got this cheap couch and this modernistic table.I put some items from the ''food''section in the suite shop on the table and put a chair,which i got from the stardoll packages with starcoins and stardollars(you get one every day).I added 5 gray shelfs on the wall and put books on them.The organization of the details is only your choice,you can add flowers or little skulptures,all depends on your choice&budget.
Moving to the right part of the room.
I graduated some different panels and frames,again,an optional step.Then i put a clothing stack(sorry,i don`t know how it is called) and arange clothing items and accessories on it.I covered the wall with wooden panels.
Voila!Now it`s ready!Do you like it?Here`s how i planned it to be:
Nothing in common?Well that`s the beauty of design.You never know how it`s gonna turn out to be.But you try.And no matter what the result is ,one thing`s for sure-it`s always going to be unique.
A short list of things i used:
-5 white pannels,3 mocca and 3 dark gray,about 10 dark and about 10 light wooden panels,5 windows;
-1 bed,1 couch,1 table,1 night table,1 carpet,5 shelves,6-7 kinds of books,1 flower,couple of clothing items.
dark gray:                                         mocca:                                      lemon:

That`s it from me,hoped you liked it and you visited my suite to see how it turned out.

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