Stardoll Trolls: Attention Seekers Spotted

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 9 Awesome Comments

Hello dollies, Simmingbabe19 here with a post a bit out of my regular comfort zone.
Today I will be talking about internet trolls but in more depth-- stardoll trolls.

There are people with fake celebrity accounts you've heard of, been fooled by, and even the occasional 'Stardoll Moderator' troll. But this girl takes it a bit too far.

Recently having just become a starblogger I was checking out the comments on my first featured post. Being a fan of feedback I was going through them when I saw an advertisement for a club;
Not thinking much about it, I clicked her link to see her so called 'palace'-- at this point I was so bored I just needed an excuse to entertain myself-- and I stumbled across her page. And I must admit, it is decorated quite creatively using Stardesign templates and such:

But her name just made me laugh for a full on ten minutes. The fact she has to announced how spoiled she is online, to an age group of mostly 10's to 20's just cracks me up.
And then her about me, announcing herself as our royal ruler tickled my funny bone quite hilariously.
She made it all fancy, and towards the end it goes into depth about how privileged she is, and how the rest of us are peasants under the rule of the Pinkitas-- whatever that is-- but what astounded me is the attention she has received. It is almost as if this girl (or guy-- you would be surprised the type of hoaxes people play) got what they sought. Attention. Because to be honest she must be having a blast responding to these 'peasants' who full on rant.

What are your thoughts?
Is she funny and just delusional, and does she deserve this attention?

9 Awesome Comments:

  • Harsh26 said...

    Mom 28 and you are 16? She wouldve given birth to you at age 12. Smart one. And if she did at 12, she would probably die while giving birth. So this is proff that you are faking your life. Your mom is no elderly.

    4 hours ago

    Of course I know that my mom was 12 when she had me. And if she didn' die, of course.

    2 hours ago

    So Daisyxlove brought a point. And she freakin' agreed that her mother was freakin' 12 when she gave birth to her! I mean like come on, how much more can you lie! So her mother was apparently my age when this girl was born and her mothers' parents let her have a baby! Oh please, my parents would kill me if I had a baby at this age (Even though I would never do that!) So wrapping it all up, she is a REALLLLY big liar! Lol at her reply! XD

  • Anonymous said...

    well 12 year old can have children I saw a video of tyra banks and pregnant teens and one of them were children but ALS they can have a baby when their 8 I think it's a disease so it can probaly be true

  • ana laura said...

    the thing is not having it, or your parents letting you have it, but most likely the father would have bailed, one. And second, a baby takes money and most good paying jobs don't hire 12 year olds.

  • Anonymous said...

    No never i care abute my future and im to young and im just telling ppl who dont believe that could happen

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