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Sunday, November 25, 2012 3 Awesome Comments
Hey guys! Not much happening on SD, so I thought I would make a fun little post.

As you can see, I made a "graphic" of my upper body. I think it turned out pretty good! :))

Ok, so anyway, I wanted to start a segment that involves elimination and fashion. I think it will be pretty fun! 
I want to have lots of people doing this, so if it is unactive, I'll find other dolls that will be in this contest.
Come on, don't be shy! Before I start, I would just like to say that you readers need to wake up, not trying to be mean, but I understand that we have lots of readers, now if level that up with comments, I'm sure us writers will be more active. We have a few commenters, and I am very proud of them for not being shy! So come on readers ;))
I'm sure this post has woken you up now. Now to the contest it is like stages, you move up by votes. The first stage will be...
Level 1.... Clothing in this stage, you MUST have a winter theme/ fall theme. In can be at your suite, in starplaza, whatever. To enter, comment below with the picture of the outfit and your username. If we have more than 5 entries, I'll choose someone else to help with contest.  This is very simple, 
                                             good luck girls!

**If this does not get anymore than 1 or 2 entries, the contest will end. You have to comment to be entered. STAGE 1 LEVEL 1  WILL END ON THURSDAY, I REPEAT THURSDAY. THE VOTING WILL BEGIN THURSDAY IN THE NEXT POST TITLED, #fashionableStardoll

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