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Friday, November 30, 2012 2 Awesome Comments
Hello dolls, it's Ana here, with a quick rant about Stardoll. Having always loved Stardoll, I was not surprised when I found myself buying Superstar, but here is the thing I do not think is right whatsoever. Stardoll has become too expensive. With all this Starcoin, and Stardollar thing, Stardoll has proven they want members to find thing affordable, but the thing is they still do not satisfy the needs of every member.

Their prices for Superstar membership and stardollars have escalated quite a bit. For a month's Superstar membership you pay almost seven dollars, and receive only two gifts, and two hundred stardollars.

Keep in mind how other websites work-- (this is solely a few websites I know take membership plans-- Poptropica, a website for kids and teens that is educational and with four dollars a month you unlock costumes, extra credits, extra missions, and early access to Islands-- (the adventures within the website). Girlsense-- a website that sadly closed-- used to charge little back in 2004-2006, until they opened up for free. They had the option to create your own store, fashions, and have auctions and make friends, although sadly it closed because of lack of advertising.

Here are some more options, Imagine Town-- which also closed-- had the options to make your avatar either a famous chef, actress, fashion designer, etc. So versatile, and they had memberships just a bit cheaper than Stardoll.

And while I know, seven dollars may not be a lot, some people cannot afford to waste seven dollars on a computer game. Only a few exclusives are rewarded. And I find it outrageous that to buy a mere ninety stardollars, I have to pay almost three dollars.

In my opinion, I think it would only be fair to pay .50-.75 for every 100 stardollars. Because let me reassure you, with good marketing they could achieve to make a profit.

I mean, Stardoll has partnerships with Barbie, they feature many stores which to reach a younger audience have to make some kind of deal, and if they continue making advertisements for TV shows, things in Pop Culture, and Iphone Cases-- or using the personal vendor strategy-- they could pay every employee well and keep the site running.

Now this in no way bashes on stardoll, because for me it is a price range where it is somewhat acceptable, but what about the other users who want the experience of 'fame' and more 'fashion and friends'?

Is it fair, can you deal with it, or does stardoll need a change to satisfy the masses?

2 Awesome Comments:

  • Anonymous said...

    Agreed. I have a contract phone, and use the credit on that to top up because if I actually had to pay that much for the amount of SD's I buy a month, I would quit Stardoll.

  • CoralCool91 said...

    Imagine Town was one of my most favorite games!
    I didn't even complete 6 months on the site, but I still loved it!
    If Imagine Town would have continued, I would have never joined Stardoll!
    It was because of IT closing, I joined Stardoll!

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