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Saturday, November 24, 2012 0 Awesome Comments
Today I want to show you some great old stardoll clothes.So as I was wandering through the shops,I found some great stuff in the back pages .And so,here are some of the things I bought/will buy for sure:
1.Pretty in love:
So girly and sweet.I love the denim jacket,it`s really modern at the moment.As you can see,they can aslo be bought by non-superstars.

My all-time favorites in stardoll,the ruffled skirt,pencil skirt and Lily shoes.
3.Fallen angel:
 Those dresses are absolutely gorgeous.They can be combined with a lot of things,and the also are really affordable -9,9,13 stardollars.


 The Flavia shoes,leggings and pop-star denims.

What do you think?Do you buy clothes from older collections?

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