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Tuesday, July 10, 2012 2 Awesome Comments
Hi Everybody,
Boy,do I have a treat for you guys today! I was lucky enough to get an interview with Haley Renée or as most of us know her as Poohg_1993! I gave her a 5/5,amazing doll and suite.
Interview! :)
1)How'd you find out about stardoll?
My cousin used to come to dress up celebrities. She never had an account, but when I finally sat with her to dress and critique the celebrities, I noticed you could make an account, so I signed up.

2)What's your favorite thing about stardoll?
All of the real-life fashion. It's wonderful to have a website where you can own real fashion brands that would normally cost thousands of dollars where here, it's actually affordable. At least compared to what the real-life fashions would cost you.

3)What's your least favorite thing about stardoll?
The fact that there's never an event calendar telling you when LE or Antidote or Young Hollywood is coming out. I would love if something like that came out. That way everybody could save up accordingly. I don't like having limited funds when those stores come out.

4)How would you describe your style?
Mine is versatile... It changes. Sometimes I like to go with daring looks and sometimes I like to go with plain summer looks (simple shorts and a breezy top). Most of the time though, it's a more classy or vintage look.

5)What's your favorite brand on stardoll?(old or new)
My absolute favorite? I'd have to go with... Young Hollywood.

6)Have you ever been hacked?
This is a question nearly all of Stardoll knows, lol. I've been hacked 3 times.

7)What are some safety tips you have for other dolls?
Make your password super complicated, mixed with numbers, letters and lower to uppercase lettering and never discuss anything related to what your password is. Makes it twice as difficult for people to guess it. Never give out your e-mail... These are true safety tips you should follow.

Thank you so much,Haley Renée! :)
My pleasure!



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