Free 25 dollars and 250 star coins

Tuesday, July 31, 2012 6 Awesome Comments

I got sent who unusual emails by the stardoll today. Me if I went back on my account, an account I have not used for 6 months, that I would The gibson 25 free stardollars and 250 free star coins.

They also told me The new things that were happening on stardoll, Which include: Hair and olympic campaign.  Did this happen to anyone else?

Sorry that I don't have a picture I am doing this on my phone. I will log on just for the star dollars And star coins to spend on my main doll.


6 Awesome Comments:

  • sweetkhan said...

    so if you don;t go on n account for 6 months,.. they give you free money? that's kind of lame tho./ anyways.. nope .. It never happened to me(:

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