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Friday, July 27, 2012 0 Awesome Comments
Hi Everybody,
This blogpost is horrible...(just saying)! I'm on my phone and it sucks.
My computer was taken away from me so I have to stick with this a little while.So expect horrible posts from me.I feel bad for letting all of you guys down...I'M SORRY! :'(

Now on today's topic is about what I think  stardoll should do to improve stardoll.

1) Give dates when LE or Antidote come out so people have they have enough sd to buy items.

2) Improved security,nowadays a lot of dolls are getting hacked and that makes me feel bad about having stardoll.

3) We want DKNY back,stardoll should have DKNY back.I've heard a lot of people liked DKNY.Plus DKNY is a very stylish.

                       What do you tkink stardoll should do to make the site a better place?


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