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Hello Readers,

As most of you know the MSW competition starts in two weeks, here are some tips to help you.

1. Create very unique outfits, use layering in your outfits.

2.  Start now! Get your name out there.

3.  Take all your old clothes that you do not wear and have a blowout sale, you can make ALOT of money from Blowout sales.

4. If you plan on broadcasting, then spread your broadcasts out. Don't spend all your money in one day.

5. Keep your spamming to a minimum. Here is a tip, just randomly go and vote people and leave them nice comments. A lot of the time people return the favor. 

This year I am wondering if Stardoll is going to change the voting system. I wonder if Callie.Stardoll's hunt could also be the MSW and Stardoll would choose it.

Who is running? Who has run before? Would you prefer having Stardoll choose the MSW or the members of Stardoll.



1 Awesome Comments:

  • Angela Hollings said...

    I ran last year and made the semi's, i like having members choose better. stardoll cant lookk at all 100 million members, im going to run again this year with my friend who was a finalist last year, and great tips! ill use them!

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