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Hello Readers,

Most people, want to be royalty so badly, but what do you actually get when you become royalty.     Sometimes Callie.Stardoll asks for your help, but thats about it. Here is a topic by Angel_of_Him. She is a manager of the royalty club.

These are her words:

This is a topic where you can see what you should know entering this awesome Club.
And please take 10 mins to read through our hot spot topics ;] They are very informative.

● How do you become Stardoll Royalty?
Invitations are automatically generated by Stardoll and sent to long-term members who have been notable for their activity and creativity on the site.

● What specials do I get?
You have entry to this club and a Diamond at your avatar.

Occasionally you get royalty only gifts, contests, sales and Stardoll informs you about new, cool features ahead of others !

● Where are my gifts?
Right now gifts are only given to people who were members at the time they were given out.

● What if my Superstar runs out?
You'll stop being Stardoll Royalty but when you renew your Superstar Membership you will get invited again.

I believe this has to do with Callie.Stardoll and the Stardoll's team's search. I voted for "No, one, because a figurine is not really for me. I must say, that if my best friend was chosen I would buy her.  What would you vote?

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