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Sunday, July 29, 2012 11 Awesome Comments
Hello Readers,

Today I am going to show you how to make a Pocahontas tutorial.

1. Put on mascara.

2. Now take any orange colored eye shadow and outline the first third of your doll's eye. Like this:

3. Then take a brown and for the second third of your eye take a brown colored eye shadow and put one layer of it on your doll's eye.

4. Now take the brown eyeshadow again and for the last part of your doll's eye put it on, but layer the eyeshadow.

5. Next put on fake eyelashes.

6. Then put on eyeliner from the beginning until the end of the orange eyeshadow.

7. Put white eyeliner around the end of the eye.

8. For the lips put on a peachy or orange color, and then a gloss.

9. Add red blush.


If you have an indian looking feather, neckless, bracelet or anything feel free to add it.
This is my first tutorial please comment!


11 Awesome Comments:

  • Miss_Sassy_girl said...

    Sorry about my harsh opinion;
    But the blush is off, the lips dont match her look at all and it looks like someone puked on her. Her skin is off and her eye lashes look like they are making their own hair. Her eyebrows are suppose to be like a unibrow since they didn't have stuff to shave with then.


  • Art123peace said...

    Thanks :D I do not either, but as it is my parents anniversary they did not really want me on the computer a long time and I had already been on an hour.

  • Art123peace said...

    I agree :D The blush is off. I do not know how to make a unibrow.. and well the lashes are longer than normal, however from far away they dont look as bad as they do close.

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