July's Must Haves

Tuesday, July 31, 2012 3 Awesome Comments

I went around to search for the clothes that I think should be the Must Haves for this month.
Starting from the right:
Bizou: Carnation Dress 16sds
Bizou: Kids Beach Shorts 7sds
Bizou: Gold Titan Heels 50scs
Frankie Morello Tribute: Dazzled Jacket 30sds
It Girls: Sky Blue Blazer 11sds
Spectacular: Hutbuys Sunglasses 12sds
The najority of these clothes can be worn with different style outfits. I think they are what most people are wearing and could be worn for many occasions. Keep in mind that I didn't chose these because they are what 'other' people think of 'cool' clothes. These are clothes that I love and are the essential clothings to get for July.
What do you guys think?

3 Awesome Comments:

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