My Stardoll account got hacked :(

Thursday, July 26, 2012 14 Awesome Comments
Sweetsoccer123 hacked my account. She spent all my sc on gifts for her, when those sc were suppose to go to Hannahsweet10 (i was saving my sc to pay Hannah) Here is some proof that she took my sc so that i can give her gifts (wtf)

I dont like this girl at all, so she hacked my main (miss_sassy_girl) and gave her 3 gifts. She made me write in her guestbook also "Heeyyy your medoll is sooooo purdyyyyyyyyy" (it's not at all omg)

So can you report her for me, for hacking my account? Thanks if you do. I changed my password btw everyone.

14 Awesome Comments:

  • justineann said...

    That is so rude it is people like that, that ruin everyone else's fun on Stardoll. I tried to report her but it said that people had already reported her.

  • Harsh26 said...

    I can understand what you are feeling because I was hacked and I had like over 800 sd and 1000 sc! I was so sad but I kept playing Stardoll cause I had a lot of friends and stuff! So, don't loose hope :)

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