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Monday, July 30, 2012 4 Awesome Comments
Wow . i've been doing a lot of searching scince the post and was amazed at how many creative people are out there if you just look!
I'm not finished yet but I really need to clear my list and put it down here so I can get searching again!

misschloe1818 (design)    (
missAshie1991 (scenery/album)    missAshie1991 - Stardoll | English
t_louise (suite)     t_louise - Stardoll | English
Carla-101 (suite)   carla-101 - Stardoll | English
eclay (suite)   eclay - Stardoll | English
angel_of_harlem (creative)    angel_of_harlem - Stardoll | English
clairethebest55 (design)   clairethebest55 - Stardoll | English
mandylou4(Medoll)   mandylou4 - Stardoll | English
erin.w (creative)   erin.w - Stardoll | English
kusja (creative)   Kusja - Stardoll | English
lilannelle (design    LiLannelle - Stardoll | English
su_d (design)   su_d - Stardoll | English
crowley- (desgin)   Crowley- - Stardoll | English
starsyd3333 (scenery/ album )   starsyd3333 - Stardoll | English
joanne1305 (designs)   joanne1305 - Stardoll | English
x-KARDELEN-x (medoll)   x-KARDELEN-x - Stardoll | English
barbarok ( creative)   barbarok - Stardoll | English
a.d.a1234 (creative)    (
.honey. (SUITE)   .honey. - Stardoll | English
rojda32 (suite)   rojda32 - Stardoll | English
alhane (creative)   Alhane - Stardoll | English

But I think I have all the catagories:

Medoll-  People who just wow you away. By how the use eye shadow to how the dress there dolls.  (3)

Creative- These people think outside the box and so very cleaver on how the dress their doll and suit up by making clothes that are actuly jewlery. (5)

Suite - This group of people's suite is really amazing.Just one look at the takes your breath away with so many themes. (5)

Designs - This group ranges from hair designs, jewlery, interior and fashion. This group will be tough to pick with their amazing designs. (6)

scenery/album -  Theese people's sceneries/albums are amazing and they make you want to look at them or read them again and again. (2)

Here is the last post :

I am holding a competition soon and I need your help!
The competition is called:


I need help on finding the best of the best on stardoll. when I think i have enough medoll I will sort them into categories such as:
Most creative
Best designer
Best suite

So as you can see I need a lot of medolls.

In a couple of weeks I should have the categories and YOU can start voting your favourite! :)

This competition is only a bit of fun and to get stardoll creative and have some inspiration t so can work on little projects over the summer if your bored! :)

4 Awesome Comments:

  • sweetkhan said...

    What about Dapao? Yes! I've visited most of them and I am friends with some of them.. and yes their suites are AMAZING. Rojda32 have always been my favorite me-doll on stardoll.

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