How to use a manual Proxy

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Hello there everyone! Here i will be showing you all how to use a manual proxy!
I will only show mozilla firefox, as that is the one i use and the only one that has worked for me so far, i recommend you always use firefox for manual proxies.

First step is to clear your browser history (also make sure you are logged out of stardoll), you can do this by going into the top left corner and clciking Firefox >History>Clear recent history> Change it to everything and press clear now
Done! now go back to the top left corner>Press options>
This will come up, make sure you press advanced, which is the last tab, Then press setting in the connection area
It will come up with this, it was originally on no proxy, so you will have to press Manual proxy configuration, then Paste the IP in HTTP proxy and the port in port (the ip and port i give you in a post), for example a canadian proxy i use
Make sure you press use this proxy server for all protocols! Press ok on all windows, then Follow the steps ive given you for free stuff!
WARNING: proxy is likely to be really slow! be patient, you might have to refresh the page a few times
Once you are done go back to the corner>options>and press no proxy


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