Marilyn Monroe Makeup Tutorial

Monday, July 30, 2012 8 Awesome Comments
So, I did a Marilyn Monroe Makeover and here are the steps!
First, add mascara

2. Add white eye-shadow

3. Add Helene eye-shadow (It can be any really light grey)

You can barely see it but just add some on the sides
4. Add black liner

5. Add red lipstick

6. Add some darker lipstick on the bottom lip

It looks weird from close. But make sure to smudge them together
7. Add some gloss and Rose blush (or any)

8. Add some fake eye lashes, maybe a mole and other jewelry

And that is the final look! It was kinda inspired by this pic:

The hair doesn't match and somethings are different but it was kinda inspired!
What do you think? Tell in the comments! And please don't say rude stuff but you can give me some tips or tell something I need to improve on so I do it better next time! I also tried but not my best so it wasn't that good! The doll I used for the makeover was the one and only, The2Glams! I just realized I have everything needed to make this look in my Parlor too so I don't know why I didn't use it but I did use an amazing person! :D


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