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Saturday, July 28, 2012 1 Awesome Comments
Pick of the Day
The new Pick Of The Day is the Frankie Morello Tribute Metal Head One Piece! At 20 stardollars, i think it is kind of ugly. It has spikes on the shoulders and it is very long V necked. I really don't like this Tribute.

Do you like the new Tribute? Will you buy this new item?

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1 Awesome Comments:

  • JanaStarlite said...

    Here's the problem I have with clothing that is deep V-necked. A year or so ago, they had 6 or 7 skin colors from which to choose, so you could buy the black bra for use with clothing that would otherwise show the bra that comes on your medoll.

    Now, there is an infinite range of colors from which to choose for your body, but they still have the same 6 colors of the black bras. I CANNOT MATCH the colors of the bras to the colors available on the beauty parlor page for my medoll. So I'm just out of luck trying to find something to hide my medoll's bra when wearing something where it shows.

    For some reason, Stardoll hasn't figured this out. In the meantime, I do not wear low cut items anymore.

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