Tuesday, July 10, 2012 7 Awesome Comments
Hello Readers,

First I would like to say I found out about this by one of SLN's loyal readers. Her name is Harsh26.

She ran across this doll by the name of Toph_13. Here is the glitch:

Facts: She has no clothing in her closets or on her doll. She has nothing in her room but she has Superstar Hair.

My Guess: In 2008 was there no such thing as superstar hair? My guess is she made her account and never went on, thus stardoll does not count logging in when you make your account.

Was it a glitch?

7 Awesome Comments:

  • Anonymous said...

    this is seriously very weird! O.o when you don't come online for many days stardoll deletes the account.. but this case is weird... :p and it's a boy O.o

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