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Tuesday, July 3, 2012 1 Awesome Comments
Hey dollies, so sorry I didn't post for  a while- I was really busy doing tons of homework and preparing for the end of my Y7! [Two/three weeks left!]

Anyway. I wanted to show you how to make a cute medoll.
Here we go;
1. Apply mascara and a bit of eyeliner around the eyes (I think it looks nice)
2. Put black kohl eyepencil on the underneath eyelashes of each eye. Then put the violet eyepencil around the top, stopping at the end of the eyelashes in the middle- then put white on the rest.
3. Apply  the Dot violet eyeshadow on the outer corner of each eye, up to the end of the purple kohl.
4. Then apply Orchid Bloom eyeshadow just from the middle of the top eyelashes to the end. Then do the same with arctic eyeshadow, but from the end of the eyelashes to the inner eye.
5. Apply blusher down the sides
6. Put on some natural lipstick/ lipgloss
7. Add accesories and hair!

Finished look;
Opinions? Also, I wanted to say well done to Spain winning against Italy in the football. Congrats ;]

-Daisy xoxo

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