Stardoll makeovers- Coming soon

Sunday, September 9, 2012 2 Awesome Comments
The graphic is a little weird, like with the eyes and all, but it needs a makeover, and that's just what we'll do....but with medoll's, not "graphics".
About This Segment::
We know what medolls look like with and without makeup, during this segment(s) we take a picture with the original makeup, without makeup, and the makeup that I did to it. You'll then vote for your fave. If the "natural" look wins, then we (well you) come up with a great natural outfit. If the original makeup wins, there won't be any "new" outfit. If my makeup wins, then ofcourse 3 people who voted my makeup will be asked to make 2 different outfits.
 If none of that makes sense, just reread the paragraph. In other words, You vote, the "choice" wins and we make an outfit (unless it's the original makeup).
                                         Sounds like a plan? 

2 Awesome Comments:

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