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I don't have a picture, but the next spoiler that is coming up (hopefully soon) is UGGS of Australia. Though I felt bad that I couldn't find the picture, I will tell you what UGGS are, if you don't already know them.
UGGS of Australia
UGGS of Australia are made,  in  Australia. Using real fur (sheep I believe) make them the most comfortable and cutest shoes on the block. Though you shouldn't really wear them when it's wet (like when it's raining or wet snow). Yes snow is wet, but it can be wet when it falls so it depends, check before you wear 'em. Made of the finest of all fur, this shoe costs $100 dollars and up. They provide shoes for all genders, men and women. They also have shoes for kids and big kids shoes, teens (possibly in the women's I guess) 
Stardoll's History of UGGS: They were hotbuys and were released in 2010, in November. Oh so cute, and oh so cheap! This hotbuys ranking is now at: 500sd+ Very rare and very expensive.
Bailey Button Triplet
Those are the Bailey Button triple, the real version: Very cute and very stylish.
What do you think of the Uggs? Will you buy them  in real life? How about on Stardoll? tell me in the comments :) Also, besure to tell me what story from any part of stardoll (say brand) for my next post :)

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