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Sunday, September 30, 2012 0 Awesome Comments
It's pretty hard for me to do segments, especially since they don't last as long. But I really thought about this one, it took me a little while to figure out wheather I should do this or not. Anyway, I came up with some pretty good pros, but the cons were thinkable, mostly depended on what Investigation Stardoll would be about. I hope to make it a blog soon (-cough- few months -cough-). Well... What do you think, hoping to participate in this? Read on for more details!
Investigation Stardoll
Investigation Stardoll, helps you find out who's safe, and who's not. Who's dependable, and who's questionable. Most of the investigations will involve members, viewers and interviews. A few videos will be made if the person wants to be anon. Being anon means that you can tell me, but I won't say who/your username, meaning that you are completely safe. No questions asked. You can totally depend on us to help you with stuff that invovle Stardoll, even real life! You'll be ok.
Click on our ask box below! Check back every so often to see your question answered :)
So you figured out what Investigation Stardoll is right? What will we use?
We'll use (you can stay anon) 

                  Do you like this idea? Will you keep asking questions?

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