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Tuesday, September 18, 2012 3 Awesome Comments
Hola! Hola means Hello in spanish. A new segment has came to this blog! Dolls around the world! Como estas? or How are you? Today's doll is from Mexico, cute and stylish, made it to the semi finalists, I gladly present.... Lindamissanto !
She is 13 years old, from Mexico, speaks very little english and well....she is today's doll of the world!
Mexico's style depends on the occasion. They dress like us, American's, or whatever country you come from. very cute and very nice, I must say, she (lindamissanto) did deserve Semi finalist. Very congrats :)

What country do you come from? You can be the next doll around the world! Comment below your username, your country, and how you say hello and how are you (please don't be english, english will be last) I'll hopefully get to all of you :)

3 Awesome Comments:

  • alyssa schafsnitz said...

    USA but I was born in Germany
    I speak some German but mostly English Suprisingly I speak Italian more fluently even though I am not Italian!
    Danke, du bist Willkommen Hallo
    tht is all i can say in german
    I can speak pretty basic italian like i can say time, ask for names, say my name is alyssa, and say things about me like i like sports
    I am ih8giaalot on stardoll

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