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Tuesday, September 18, 2012 1 Awesome Comments
DKNY is a very famous brand and well known on Stardoll. Cute and fab is some words you'd describe the items. Though they do get very costly in bazaar, they might be worth it!
In one of the very first few years of , they teamed up with big brands, DKNY is one of them. DKNY and Stardoll teamed up to provide the fashions that DKNY has released and placed in on Stardoll. DKNY made more money while being a partner with Stardoll. DKNY released more and more fashions on Stardoll until 2010. 2010 was the year DKNY and Stardoll stopped their partner ship as the contract ended. Stardoll stopped selling the DKNY clothes, and no word was spoken of the again. In this, meaning when DKNY and Stardoll's contract ended to partner, the clothes became worth more and more as the years go by.
You can still find the DKNY sign in starbazaar as many of the members still buy it, hopefully they team up again so we can get some more cute and fab clothes.
What do you think? Should Stardoll team up with DKNY again? Should it come back? Did you wish their contract lasted longer?
Tell me in the comments below! Besure to tell me what story to do next in comments :)

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