Don't text and drive

Wednesday, September 19, 2012 0 Awesome Comments
So many people die every year because of texting while driving. Texting is killing loved ones. So why text? That can wait. Today (19/9) is pledge day . So we (all of us I hope) are going to take the pledge, don't text and drive.
Texting and driving is common, even popular. Driving at 55 miles per hour and texting can cause an easy crash, no it's not buts about it. Texting is cool, makes you feel important, and driving is awesome! It makes you feel older, but you can't do that at the same time. Someone can get hurt, even yourself.
Since I don't drive and I don't even have a phone, I still took the pledge.
               Please don't text and drive. Take the pledge now!

Texting & driving... It Can Wait.

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