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Tuesday, September 25, 2012 0 Awesome Comments
Hey guys, another daily broadcast. I also included a note, so please take a look at that.

Your animationI kindly ask you to not ask me if you can take these for your blog. I spend my time on these when in the real world I could be do something else. So please I am kindly asking you that if you used the 1st, this one, or any of the other ones I am doing to take it down and give me and SLN the entire credit since you didn't make it, and since it belongs on SLN only. So please do not take this and please read the note. Some of it was cut off but otherwise everything is still there. Do not remove anything (credit) and do not at all say you own it. All full entire credit goes to me and SLN.

Thank you for understanding, and hope you guys like this idea.

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